Visual Inspection Machine

Visual inspection machine to do machine vision inspection for electronic transformers and inductors by magnetic components

A visual inspection machine is an object that was created to detect anomalies and faults in certain materials that are subjected to its scanning, for this reason, it is believed that they can be placed in any part of the factory and even then they could comply with all their functions and the truth is that it could do so, but there may be elements within that space that could negatively affect the review.

There are processes prior to the start of the visual inspection, and each visual inspection machine must include them.

The process of a visual inspection machine does not start when the object to be inspected is on the conveyor belt, it starts much earlier, when the machine is acquired and it is sought to position it in a place that complies with certain specifications that ensure that the work done by the visual inspection machine is optimal.

Many companies do not present the ideal conditions of space and lighting to discard these processes prior to the review.

However, there are some environments in some companies that can not be changed, that is, the visual inspection machine must operate under the conditions that were already given, that is why each of these machines must have certain systems incorporated to allow it observe the material even if it is not clearly seen due to external factors.

This means that before performing the inspection there must be a procedure that is responsible for improving through various techniques the condition of the real image, which is under the influence of factors that modify the view of the object in a negative way.

How does a pre-processing of images work?

The first step that a visual inspection machine must fulfill is to capture a complete or specific image of the object that is being observed, just as the object is, that is, regardless of the condition in which the image is being taken (light or darkness in excess and other elements).

Once you have the image, the system will be responsible for implementing the improvements, usually is responsible for improving aspects such as contrast, balance lighting, and other processes that are a bit more complex compared to these.

There are programs that are designed to correct elements such as distortion and geometry present in the image, so they can be shown more clearly. It is important to understand that this process is fundamental, if processing the image in advance could lose sight of certain details that compromise the functionality of the equipment once they leave the final production process.

There are many extreme conditions that can occur at the time of a visual inspection, the important thing is that each machine is capable of generating a quick and accurate solution to combat effects such as imbalance of light and brightness, lack of contrast, distortion, and other elements, and in real time to be able to give continuity to the process, every system should include this step.

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