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What value does an automatic optical machine bring to enterprise?

At present, automated optical inspection machine also know as full inspection machines, CCD inspection machine, were first used in precision screw, nut and other fasteners industries. It has been gradually developed to other industries, such as the seal industry, connectors industry, magnetic material industry, etc. The value of automated optical inspection machine has been accepted and recognized by a large number of enterprises, but in the actual promotion process of the automated optical inspection machine, some corporate decision maker will have some doubts and misunderstandings about the value of automated optical inspection machines. Here let me introduce some values of automated optical inspection machine to you.

The value of automated optical inspection machine.

  1. For the unstable orders problem. If the orders are unstable, we mush consider what causes. If the products material and process is not problems, then we must consider whether the customers are not satisfied with the delivered quality and not willing to build a long term cooperation with you. At this time, we want to make the orders stable, build a long time business, we need to show customers that you have the ability to ensure the delivered quality and the delivered goods don’t have defective products. Automated optical inspection machine adopts high speed and high accuracy visual inspection technology to automatically detect the common defects of products in the production, Not only can we ensure the product delivered quality, but also we can improve competitive ability.
  2. The price is expensive. Any products have its production cost. Choose an automated optical inspection machine, except for the product price, we also need to check the company qualifications, hardware configuration and software. Self-development and research software is especially important, which is beneficial for software maintenance and upgrades. Some automated optical inspection machine manufacturers will use outsourced detection software and the subsequent upgrades will be limited. It is better to verify the results on the spot. Shenzhen Sipotek Technology Co.,Ltd. has self-develop and production machine vision inspection system, can provide the perfect after-sales maintenance and life-time software upgrade service.
  3. Using manual to inspection, firstly, a big problem is the manual inspection cost. The biggest impact is that human will have subjective feeling and tiredness. As a result, that will cause there are defective products in the detection product, and there are good products in the defective products. It will greatly affect the delivered products quality. Automatic optical inspection machine can work for 24 hours, sorts products according to the machine setting data, accuracy rate is 99%.

Above is all the introduction of the automated optical inspection machine. Automated optical inspection machine is a relatively high-tech equipment. Without a certain R&D capability, it is difficult to obtain a good inspection effect. But there are not many real R&D capability manufacturers in the industries,especially the existence of many middlemen, they don’t have R&D capability. Therefore, choosing an automated optical inspection machine requires a manufacture with abundant experience and independent R&D ability. So as to provide customers with fast and efficient services without worriers.


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