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Automatic visual inspection systems in the surface area of product labeling and sealing

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Today we will talking about automatic visual inspection systems in the surface area of product labeling and sealing.

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine 7

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine 7

Labeling and sealing in different countries is almost as important as its quality. Therefore, several manufacturers of visual inspection systems have seen the need for coverage of this market in order to minimize the losses that this could cause to companies.

These machines cover a large number of areas, which verify each area in which a label process can fail.

Improperly sealed packet detection

The problem of the product affected by unduly closed packages causes serious problems for manufacturers, particularly those in the food sector. The cost of product returns and waste caused by contaminated or damaged products can be significant. These visual inspection systems perform inspections of the sealing of trays, packages and container caps to ensure that the products remain free of external contamination.

Sealing surface uniformity guarantee

Detecting an improperly sealed container is important, but preventing this from happening from the beginning is even more useful. Reduce product waste generation by detecting irregular or damaged sealing surfaces on the packaging before it can be filled.

Verify the presence and integrity of the tamper-proof seal

The presence of a tamper-proof seal of beverages, pharmaceuticals and even cosmetics assured consumers that the product has not been altered in any way after it has left the production facility. These systems verify the presence of a tamper-proof seal and ensure that it is connected to the package cap.

Prevention of incorrect labeling

One of the most preventable causes of product recalls, a mislabeled product, should never reach a merchant. Our label inspection systems can use a combination of graphic and print identification tools, including verification of the label ID, to detect a mislabeled product and remove it from the production line, and alert operators, if necessary.

Label position and quality

Product presentation plays an important role in persuading a consumer to choose a brand instead. Products with crooked or incorrectly applied labels can have a negative effect on the brand image, so vision inspection systems have the necessary tools to identify badly placed labels, with wrinkles or marks.

Compatibility with different forms of packaging

A unique packaging can help capture the attention of a new potential customer, but it can also make the inspection of the product label more complex. Fortunately, label inspection systems come in controlled inspection configurations effectively packages of all types, from flat containers to round products.

Smart cameras and vision inspection systems identified on PC

The ability to provide a cost-effective inspection solution is important, so several manufacturers of visual inspection systems offer intelligent camera-based solutions for most common label inspection applications. If additional capabilities are required (i.e. inspections or high production speeds), these manufacturers can use the PC-based vision inspection system that can provide additional processing power.

Already seeing the amount of areas occupied by visual inspection systems in terms of labeling and packaging, you can take the idea of the benefits they bring to the industry in terms of profitability. Being able to carry out the quality inspections themselves, the costs are greatly reduced, without leaving aside the quality and safety of the product.

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Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine

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