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Simple automated optical sorters created by automatic optical sorting machine manufacturers

Shenzhen Sipotek Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional automatic visual inspection machine ,automated vision inspection system,industrial machine vision camera,automated optical inspection machine ,optical sorting machine manufacturer from china with low cost and high quality.

Automated optical sorting can be used to separate different grades of glass, paper, plastic and aseptic (Tetrapak) containers from a waste stream or from each other using a variety of sensing methods.

Sipotek offers a line of automatic optical sorting machine that can also be used to do automatic sorting. The optical sorting machine product line offers users flexibility over a wide range of parameters that can be measured as well as sorting machines that are designed specifically for certain objects such as screws, rivets or bolts. One sorting system from the optical sorting machine product line is designed to discriminate metallic objects based on hardness. Each optical sorting machine offers powerful technology to any production line.

Today we will talking about simple automated optical sorters created by automatic optical sorting machine manufacturers.

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine 6

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine 6

There are many types of optical classifiers, and the simplest have more specific tasks.

There are many types of classifiers that can be found in a visual inspection machine, these depend exclusively on what they want to incorporate optical sorting machine manufacturers in their creations. Of course there is a great variety of these, from the most complex with quite specific tasks, and others much simpler.

Although there are fewer elements that make up these types of machines, their work is also precision.

The simplest are made up of a few elements that will fulfill all their functions quickly and systematically. There are some elements that are fundamental for the formation of these machines, so the optical sorting machine manufacturers must include them as a base in all the machines that are being brought to market.

Channel sorting is ideal for use in the food marketing industry.

Within the wide range of classifiers that exist, the simplest of all is the channel classifier, which simplifies any of the processes, and makes the products can be selected in a simpler way than with other systems.

This system is designed to inspect items that meet certain characteristics.

Of course this system is not designed for all types of products, in fact, they are ideal for making a selection by colors, but not for any product, but for those that meet certain specific characteristics.

Consistency, size and weight are some of the aspects to consider for a classification by channels.

These characteristics are related to the appearance, weight and size of the item that will be reviewed. So a visual inspection machine with a simple sorting method needs the product to be small, dry, and also to have a firm consistency.

The simple sorters by channels are those ideal to be used in industries such as the one that packs and classifies foods, which makes the ideal candidates for them grains, and that type of food.

Simple optical classifiers, especially those that work with channels, must have a structure in which a large number of cameras are available, whether they detect colors or not, but the cameras will have clear images of all the elements that pass through the conveyor belt

The mixture between the sensors, the cameras and some laser (or according to the composition of the machine), makes it possible to determine the elements that do not belong to the selection. You can easily see which elements do not belong to the parameters established by the customers.

If it does not have similar parameters, that is, shape, size, among others, it will not be considered as an acceptable element and will be discarded according to the ejection system that they have determined for the machine.

Although there are much more sophisticated systems, there are products that require specific care, or rather, they need a much simpler system due to the characteristics of the product, since these facilitate the handling of the product and make the classification faster.

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Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine

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