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Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) And Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Systems

Sipotek is a professional china automated optical inspection machine manufacturers located in shenzhen city,major products including visual inspection machine and automated optical inspection (AOI) machine.

AOI, Automated Optical Inspection machines uses visual methods to check for faults in printed circuit boards.

Today we will talking about printed circuit boards (PCB) and automated optical inspection (AOI) systems.

AOI, Automated Optical Inspection systems  have the ability to detect different defects in the surface characteristics such as nodules, scratches, and stains, in addition to the most known dimensional defects such as open circuits, short circuits, and welding thinning. They can also detect incorrect components, missing components, and incorrectly inserted components. By so doing, they have the ability to perform all the visual checks performed in the past by manual operators and can do so much more accurately and quickly too.

This they can do by visually assessing the surface of the panel. The printed circuit is illuminated by different light sources and one or more high definition cameras are used. In this way, the AOI machine may be able to develop an image of the printed circuit board.

The AOI automated optical inspection system uses the acquired image that is processed and compared with the knowledge of the machine on the correct functioning of the printed circuit. By using this comparison method, the AOI system can now detect and reveal suspicious areas or errors.

AOI uses various techniques to provide a satisfactory analysis of the printed circuit board or any other defect:

Model matching: Through this form of AOI process, the automatic optical control system compares the image of a “golden table” to the resulting image.

Model matching: With this technique, the AOI system saves information from good and bad printed circuit assemblies by combining the resulting image.

Statistical matching: this approach is quite similar to the one described above, with the exception that it uses a statistics-based approach to addressing problems. It stores the results of various suggestions and types of errors, so that acceptable lower tolerances can be tolerated without reporting errors.

To form the database of what should be an ideal matrix, the PCB design information and the known state table are used as explained below.

With the help of improved technology, AOI systems were able to accurately predict failures and have a limited number of transparent scenarios. Therefore, these AOI systems are a very useful element in a sophisticated production environment.

Analysis and acquisition of AOI images

The automated optical control system is one of the important elements of an AOI system. It captures an image of the entire printed circuit which is then analyzed by the software for processing in the AOI system. There are many variations of the image acquisition system that depend on the exact application and cost/complexity of the AOI system.

Imaging systems may include a single camera or multiple cameras to offer better images and the likelihood of 3D functionality. The cameras should be able to move under software control. This will help them position themselves optimally for a particular group of printed circuits.

Furthermore, the type of camera has a great impact on performance. Speed ​​versus precision is a striking balance and will have a big impact on the type of camera used.

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