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Automatic inspection machine for a small coin sized component made of Zamak raw material

Sipotek has focused on vision automatic inspection machine industry for more than 16 years.

Here share a vision inspection solution of auto component dimension and plating defects.

I’m looking for an automatic inspection machine which will be used for automatic sorting of good parts and bad parts. mostly I need it for checking the dimensions and plating defects in my component. my component is coin shaped of size diameter – 15 mm and thickness 3 mm. material is Zamak. my monthly production is 6 million parts. I need to inspect them.

Our reply as below:

Dear Shashin,

Hope this email finds you well.

I am Kathy from Sipotek, I want to recommend our high speed vision inspection machine to you which can measure dimension and detect products appearance defects.

We are the optical visual inspection machine manufacturer with more than 16 years experience, we have an independent developed patent visual inspection system and we are the only agent of Sony camera in South of China.

Here is an introduction of our hot sale model high speed cloud disk vision inspection machine.

  1. Machine characteristics:

special vibration disc automatic feeding mechanism

  1. Main functions:

inspection of length, height, diameter, mixing, deformation, missing material, burr, black spot, scratch, etc.

  1. Trial scope:

suitable for testing rubber ring, screw, mobile phone accessories, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic and other devices

  1. Detection accuracy:

the highest accuracy can be up to 1mu

  1. Detection efficiency:

The highest detection speed can reach 1200 branches per minute.

Machine specification details introduction please check the following link:

Please take a look at the machine demo on Youtube if you are interested in this product.

If you are available to discuss with me online, please find me in the below information.

With Best Regards

Kathy Mai

Email: [email protected]

SKYPE: kathymak03

Whatsapp/ Wechat: +86 13825524136


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