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Methods used by an automated optical inspection machine for india market

In the industry of optical inspection machines, there are elements that are considered extremely important and that will completely define the quality of the inspection, in Sipotek several methods have been tested that have made every automated optical inspection machine manufactured by the company, result be one of the most accurate in the market for these products.

There is one responsible for integrating all the methods used by each automated optical inspection machine.

An automated optical inspection manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that each of these machines manufactured by Sipotek complies with the necessary procedures to guarantee its customers the highest precision in each of their measurements.

This automated optical inspection manufacturer must recognize each of the procedures used for inspections and must also ensure that they are integrated into each automated optical inspection machine.

For each client, there is a method that will be according to their needs.

It is very common to see that each automated optical inspection machine, depending on the client that is going to use it, has specific functions for specific products, this is because each of these is different and, of course, they need different treatments.

For example, one of the industries that most requests the services of these machines is the one that is dedicated to the manufacture of electronic components.

Over the years Sipotek and other companies that manufacture these machines have been given the task of developing inspection methods that present a very small margin of error, thus avoiding second revisions and also avoiding discarding pieces that are found in an excellent condition for some image that the machine did not know how to interpret and discarded the piece for this reason.

For a long time the same method was used for the automated optical inspection machine, but this caused that little by little some revisions were given.

The most common procedures used by each automated optical inspection machine include:

– Spot analysis: This is a very simple method, very popular in each automated optical inspection machine, it is about the recreation of the silhouettes of the image to be compared, that is, through a pixelated process, the silhouette is isolated complete of the piece considered ideal, clearly observing the geometry of it. It is used for simple pieces, since it does not take into account other factors of depth or color, only the complete shape of the piece.

– Recognition of objects: This method is quite used by automated optical inspection machines, by means of this method an analysis is carried out through images to identify any pattern that corresponds to the piece analyzed. During this process several views of the piece are made in order to compare them with the data contained in the system about an ideal piece, if you notice any anomaly this informs about this and considers the piece as a non-ideal object. Consideration is always given regarding the distribution that may be presented in the lighting, so possibly in some cases the piece can not be discarded immediately.

– Comparison by template: For this method the original image that will serve as a comparison will be subject to a pixelation method, storing in a box the information about the piece, in this way you can compare each one in a particular way and ensure much more precision.

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