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What are the ways to realize the automation of optical image screening machine?

Optical image screening machine works at 220 voltage and 50Hz working electric energy. This product can transfer the 60Hz electric energy to 36KHz high frequency electric energy, input ultrasonic transducer, turn it into 36-40KHZ mechanical vibration,so that to reach the purpose of high speed sorting and mesh cleaning, ultrafine powder sorting becomes a easy thing.

With the improvement of computer vision technology, sensing technology, mechanical manufacturing technology and its application level, as well as the increasingly extensive application of automatic inspection system, optical detection technology has been expanding. So what are the automatic ways to realize optical vision sorting machine?

Ways to realize the automation of optical image screening machine:

  1. Install an optical image screening machine to realize online inspection defects in the processing process. Such as in the CNC grinder installed on-line inspection equipment.
  2. Special automatic detection stations are set in the automatic line. This method can be used for automatic detection immediately after the completion of the manufacturing process, or several detection workstations can be arranged in the key process of the installation and manufacturing process.
  3. Set up special monitoring devices. Such as engine and bearing manufacturing piston ring, needle roller, steel ball and other parts of the classification machine, link steady classification automatic line.
  4. In the flexible machining system, the measurement robot is used to conduct 2D measurement and automatically sort defective products.

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