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The using scope and size of optical image sorting machine.

The using scope and size of optical image sorting machine.

  • Optical image screening equipment is suitable for testing the size and appearance quality of screws, bolts, nuts, precision turning parts, injection molding parts, sealing parts, powder metallurgy parts, automobile fasteners, etc., and the special equipment for automatic sorting of good and bad products.
  • Image system: high-speed Sony industrial camera + lens + light source.
  • Feeding system: vibration feeder + conveyor.
  • With the high light transmittance of glass, the objects can be placed on the test plate surface smoothly.
  • Products 100% automatic detection, detection accuracy, speed.
  • Generate statistic report automatically and provide process quality analysis.
  • Automatic feeding machine and automatic packaging machine can be installed to achieve automatic testing + packaging comprehensive control of product quality.
  • According to customer testing requirements, can write testing software to meet customer needs.

Optical image screening equipment sorting item and size:

  1. height and width of screw head
  2. broken needle, plug hole
  3. cross depth
  4. bottom diameter and outer diameter of screw teeth
  5. tooth spacing test
  6. bad oblique teeth and rubbing teeth
  7. screw length
  8. whether the head is electroplated or not
  9. pinhole concentricity
  10. crack on top of head
  11. lateral fissure of the head
  12. roundness of the head
  13. head shape, text
  14. screw bending
  15. tail shaped, with or without cut tail
  16. no rough edges
  17. 360 degree detection of external screw tooth injury

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