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What are the application areas and value of machine vision inspection?

The value of machine vision inspection

  1. Accuracy

High precision measurement: No-contact measurement, high speed and quickly

External defects inspection: Inspection scheme of products components defects

Robot vision: completely inspection, economic

  1. Cost saving

The labor cost is getting higher and higher, and the management is getting more and more difficult. From the previous labor, the machine is cheaper than the machine, and the machine is cheaper than the labor. By replacing some labor with the machine, improving the quality and reducing the cost, the core competitiveness of the enterprise can be improved.

Machine vision systems detect defective parts at all stages of the production process. The defective parts are removed directly from the earliest production process, and precise machining is no longer carried out, which saves costs.

Sometimes, the defective parts that are picked out can be re-introduced into the production process for repair or grade processing. This saves the material anyway, and the defective product will not enter the subsequent processing process, preventing the additional cost of entering the subsequent production.

  1. Improve productivity

Machine vision systems can replace manual visual inspection in many cases. Increased availability and repeatability of inspections. In addition, the system can identify and count repetitive defects and prioritize system defects at the location where the defect occurs. At the same time, it analyzes the repetitive defects and improves the previous production processes and processes to improve product productivity.

Visual inspection system application field

  • electronic components

1) Mobile phone lens automatic assembly (assembly) visual inspection system

2) Thread inspection system

3) Connector Pin foot machine vision inspection system

  • mechanical automated processing

1) Belt feeder automatic vision inspection

2) Fully automatic (transmission) video inspection of machined parts

  • rubber and surface inspection

1) Automatic Rubber Inspection System

2) Hole (pinhole) surface on-line inspection system

3) Large format inspection program

4) Glass surface defect inspection system

  • automotive, tobacco, pharmaceutical, printing and other industries

1) Car dashboard visual inspection system

2) Application of machine vision in the tobacco industry

3) Pill granule machine vision inspection system

4) 2D/3D QR code inspection and recognition system

5) Package quantity inspection system

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