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What does an automated optical inspection manufacturer consider to create an optical inspection machine?

Each automated optical inspection manufacturer knows that there are elements that must be considered at the moment in which it begins to manufacture the optical inspection machines that its customers will use.

The creation of these machines should be based on the most common needs of companies engaged in the manufacture of different parts and components in large quantities. Therefore it is important to take into account various factors that are always involved in any optical inspection.

To achieve that an automated optical inspection machine complies with the methods and standards required by its clients, it is necessary to correctly program what they will call failure or error, for this reason they must give customers the opportunity to enter certain data that They will determine which pieces are ideal and which pieces are not.

Creating a correct definition about the faults and defects that some pieces or materials may have with respect to the ideal image to which it should be compared, is a rather complicated job, and in some way the engineers in charge of optimizing the optical inspections and also those responsible for the creation of each automated optical inspection machine must take into account each specification that is capable of ruling out the greatest number of failures.

– Detection of dimension and surface failures: For the creation of a machine of these it is important to consider that there are 2 fundamental aspects for the revision of a part, firstly the automated optical inspection manufacturer should think about the measurement of the dimension of the piece, these are easier to develop and are achieved through very precise specifications that are given to the system.

The second aspect to consider is the inspection of the surface, this should consider a little more detail in the inspection, for this task it is always important that manufacturers have some type of documentation that allows to further detail the determining procedures in each automated optical inspection machine.

– Catalog the defects: To be able to determine which are the processes by which it will be determined if a piece or component complies with the standards (or not) of quality established by the company, it is important that there is a record about what is considered a failure. This is a procedure prior to the construction of an automated optical inspection machine, each engineer must take care to include in the system the list of known defects and that the system can detect, in addition to this a margin of error must be adjusted in which a Piece that does not comply with all aspects is considered acceptable.

– Search for defects: The programs installed in each automated optical inspection machine must meet certain breaks so that they can be considered capable of searching and detecting every defect that the pieces have. This is achieved through a step-by-step analysis that is usually the same on most of these machines.

The program will locate the piece, then segment the image obtained from the sample, compare each piece with the records of those that are considered good.

– High image quality: To ensure that an optical inspection process is fully functional, engineers must ensure that the images obtained by the high-resolution cameras on the machine have an optimum resolution.

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