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The application of automated optical visual inspection machine in label inspection

The basic working aim of label automatic optical visual inspection is to identify the printing words on the products or packaging. For example, identify function of machine vision is often used in the catering industry. It uses ink-jet printer to indicate the code of production date, production batch and the expiration time. Because this printer has very quick speed and the printing quality will be declined when it is continuously used, in the end, there will be inconsistent codes or no code at all. In this case, if wrong printing occurs, it will have great impacts on the big batch production. The machine vision system can inspect the code completeness to ensure there is not missing printing, wrong printing, fuzzy or other poor printing on the production line.

Match label and products by optical inspection system

One of the common reasons for product recall is label faults which not only affect the products sales, but also cause customer to doubt the products quality.

Optical inspection system can be used to confirm the products to print correct label in the labeling process. Normally, when the products is packaged, AOI machine will record product specification information into the optical automated system, then use the Sony high precision inspection camera to inspect the product label. If there is multiple string or wrong printing on the packaging, automated inspection machine will use the air value to put the unqualified products out to the recycle box.

Machine vision automated can avoid the errors which cause by exhaustion and distraction and guarantee accuracy and productivity.

The packaging industry widely use optical sorting technology to control and complete the labeling process control, to prevent unqualified products from entering the market and ensure customers safety. Besides of that, visual system can correct the label, inspect the filling degree, read D bar code or DR bar code and other more. The manufacturer recognize that machine vision system not only improve the efficiency and production, but also improve the product quality and brand cognition.

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